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The Quartz crystal pipe is made from raw organic crystal quartz gemstone. What we love about the quartz crystal pipe is clear quartz seeks to find balance wherever it is used and has the ability to receive, store and transmit all types of energies. Clear quartz enhances life force energy and makes it available for us to use in our everyday lives it's a the great harmonizer! Clear quartz is a fantastic crystal to use for clearing blockages and is the "master healer" and is known to amplify energy around.


The quartz pipe is a great crystal pipe to meditate with during your deep rooted smoke session.



Pipe will come with 1 extra screen and carb is optional at check out. 

Crystal Quartz Pipe | Point Pipe

$49.99 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Gemstoked's Crystal & Gemstone Pipes are the origianl way to balance your vibes while toking your favoite cannabis strain. Our Crystal Pipe's measure around 4" in length and around a 1/2" on widest end. Gemstoked Pipes are havier then your traditonal pipe and are desigened to last a life time if took care of properly.   

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